Millie Bobby Brown

This is Millie Bobby Brown, she is a 14-year-old model and actress she will be turning 15 on February 19. She's been in 3 movies and will be in 2 more later this year and in 2020. The first time I saw her was on a Netflix series "Stranger Things" where she played the role … Sigue leyendo Millie Bobby Brown

Carta sobre literatura

Querida Victoria Laurie, Me encantó tu libro “when”. Lo leí en 8vo grado y me tomó una semana leer todo el libro. Mi mamá me llevaba a la escuela y yo sacaba el libro en el auto y leía por diez minutos. Llegaría a la escuela y lo leería ahí. Terminaría mi trabajo en cualquier … Sigue leyendo Carta sobre literatura

Victoria Laurie “When”

I loved the book "When" by Victoria Laurie. I read it in 8th grade and it took me a week to read the whole thing. My mom would drive me to school and I’d pull the book out in the car and read for ten minutes. I got to school and I would read it … Sigue leyendo Victoria Laurie “When”