fashion art (blog post)/arte de la moda

I chose this piece of art work because I loved all of the bright colors and the collage-like look to it. I recreated it by using scrap paper from magazines and construction paper. I found all different shades of yellow and layered them to give the same effect, and cut out a random persons face … Sigue leyendo fashion art (blog post)/arte de la moda

soy de (poemA)

Soy de la casa de mis abuelos, donde pasé tiempo con mis abuelos y comí helado. I am from my grandparents house, where I would spend time with my grandparents and eat ice cream Soy de perogias que me preparaba mi abuela polaca. I am from perogies because my grandmother is Polish so she makes … Sigue leyendo soy de (poemA)