The End is Near/ El Final Está Cerca

I used to think that I was empathetic, but I may be the opposite. George Floyd's murder triggered America's current unrest, but only because it was the last straw. And yet, I have trouble feeling any of that. What's wrong with me? I understand what happened and I'm angry. At the same time, I don't … Sigue leyendo The End is Near/ El Final Está Cerca


Photo by Jonatan Pie. Location: Sossusvlei, Namibia I found this picture a while ago when I was looking for a desktop background. I found it on this photo-sharing website called Unsplash. I chose it for this particular blogpost because it makes me feel both calm and hungry for adventure at the same time. It feels … Sigue leyendo Más/More

Letter to Queen Rainbow Rowell/ Carta para la Reina Rainbow Rowell

Dear Rainbow Rowell, Fair warning: what follows is an honest, inevitably sappy, slightly cliche account of one mere reader whose views on love and other important-sounding stuff were re-focused after being fortunate enough to read the one and only Eleanor and Park. Emotionally wrecked is how I would honestly describe my state after finishing it … Sigue leyendo Letter to Queen Rainbow Rowell/ Carta para la Reina Rainbow Rowell

Cosas Emocionantes en mi Vida

Después de explicar mi padre que los objetos él necesita escoger pueden tener valor sentimental, él me dijo que él tiene todo lo que quiere, si nuestra familia está juntos. Sin embargo, él escogió su cartera (porque él tiene todos los documentos personales muy importantes dentro), la llave del coche (obviamente, porque si tenemos la … Sigue leyendo Cosas Emocionantes en mi Vida