Ultimo Post del Blog/Last Blog Post

I chose this piece of art because I thought it would be funny to have my dog in it. I recreated this by taking a picture of my dog, adding the yellow shirt and the blue hair wrap. This entry will be my last entry of the year. I want to thank all of my … Sigue leyendo Ultimo Post del Blog/Last Blog Post

My most treasured things/ Mis cosas más atesoradas

One thing I would bring with me if I suddenly had to leave my home and didn’t know when I would return would be my glasses. I would choose to bring my glasses with me because I wear contacts and wouldn’t want to run out of them.  Una cosa que traería conmigo si de repente … Sigue leyendo My most treasured things/ Mis cosas más atesoradas

Mis Cosas Favoritas de Connecticut

What is special about where I live is the ocean because some other states don’t have the ocean around them. Lo que es especial donde vivo es el océano porque otros estados no tienen el océano a alrededor.  A beautiful place where I live is Columbia Lake because of the water. Un lugar bonito donde … Sigue leyendo Mis Cosas Favoritas de Connecticut

Soy de…/I am from…

Soy del helado que mi padre y yo comíamos cuando era pequeña. I am from the ice cream that my dad and I used to eat when I was little.  Soy de la playa a la que iba con mi abuela cuando yo era pequeña.  I am from the beach I used to go to … Sigue leyendo Soy de…/I am from…