Final Thoughts/ Pensamientos Finales

What I have learned - about myself: being overwhelmed is not something to be stressed out about - about my school: they care about trying to making a time of abnormality as normal as possible - about my community: when there is a cause that we care about, we can come together even if it … Sigue leyendo Final Thoughts/ Pensamientos Finales

Belleza Sin Cambios/Unchanged Beauty

Esta es una foto que tomé de la puesta de sol en Horsebarn Hill. Muestra cómo, incluso en un momento de miedo y confusión, la belleza de la naturaleza aún no ha cambiado. Y esto le da esperanza a la gente. I took this photo during sunset at Horsebarn Hill. It shows that during a … Sigue leyendo Belleza Sin Cambios/Unchanged Beauty

An Ode to The Bachelorette/Oda a La Soltera

Every Monday and Tuesday I see it On my television screen it shines Dozens of men on the screen Bow ties and suits in different colors Roses everywhere Everyone wants one That's the only way to make it through One woman in the center Everyone watching her The Bachelorette Todos los lunes y martes lo … Sigue leyendo An Ode to The Bachelorette/Oda a La Soltera

Carta a un autor

Estimada Sra. Atwood, El pasado es una idea del futuro, y al publicar su libro, El cuento de la criada, en 1985, ha demostrado que es así. Las ideas de desigualdad, abuso y racismo siempre han estado presentes en esta sociedad, pero el interés renovado en las ideas de su novela y la adaptación televisiva … Sigue leyendo Carta a un autor

Letter to an author

Dear Margaret Atwood, The past is an insight to the future, and by publishing your book, The Handmaid’s Tale,  in 1985, you’ve proven this right. Ideas of inequality and abuse and racism have always been present in this society but renewed interest in the ideas  of your novel and the subsequent television adaptation hit almost … Sigue leyendo Letter to an author