Ultimo Post del Blog/Last Blog Post

I saw this abstract painting of foxes and it reminded me of leaves during Fall. The different shapes and blocks seem to be scattered the same way different colored leaves would be on the ground. Esta pintura de zorros me recuerda a las hojas en otoño por que los colores son similares. Esta entrada será … Sigue leyendo Ultimo Post del Blog/Last Blog Post

The persistence of memory/La persistencia de la memoria

I choose this painting because I've never really seen it before, and it looked very hard to recreate and I wanted to give myself a challenge. It let me get very creative with the recreation process. Esta pintura es muy interesante. Yo usado tela vieja para los relojes y las cajas. Hacer esta pintura fue … Sigue leyendo The persistence of memory/La persistencia de la memoria

Estoy agradecida por…

Un lugar bonito donde vivo es Connecticut porque tiene follaje de otoño. A beautiful place where I live is Connecticut because it has fall foliage.  Something I want to share with others about where I live is that Gilmore Girls was set here. Algo que quiero compartir con otros sobre donde vivo es que Gilmore … Sigue leyendo Estoy agradecida por…

Noviembre Blog de Gratitud/ November Blog of Gratitude

Nosotros en el DMV Quiero dar las gracias a mi madre en Thanksgiving. Mi madre siempre me ayuda terminar mi tarea y ejercicio. Por ejemplo, esta semana, ella dijo de hacer sólo lo necesario y después de estar al aire libre y quedarme feliz. Esta semana nosotros no nos vimos la una al otro. Ella … Sigue leyendo Noviembre Blog de Gratitud/ November Blog of Gratitude

La noche

La foto es de la noche fuera de me casa. This photo is of the night sky outside my house. La foto fue tomada antes de llegar el frio fuera de la casa. The photo was taken before it became cold outside. Yo amo la noche y las estrellas. I love the night and the … Sigue leyendo La noche

La Temporada de Gratitud // The season of Gratitude

I am thankful for both of my parents who have both taken time out of their busy days throughout the last few months so that I get driving practice in. During the many hours that we have driven, they always stay calm and kind to me which allows me to drive better. Their insistence on … Sigue leyendo La Temporada de Gratitud // The season of Gratitude

I am Thankful For…

I am thankful for my dad because he always helps me if I need it. My dad recently retired so he has a lot of free time. Because of that free time he does a lot to help me throughout my day. This includes making meals since the zoom lunch breaks are so short, helping … Sigue leyendo I am Thankful For…


I am thankful for the love and support that my grandparents have given me. Though we are separated by great physical distances, they continue to care an enormous amount about my wellbeing and my happiness. They talk a lot, but I always enjoy listening to them. I really wish that they can stay well and … Sigue leyendo Gratitud/Gratitude

Quiero agradecer/I want to thank…

Quiero agradecer a mi hermana Sophia por pasar tiempo conmigo y mirar el programa “Gilmore Girls” conmigo esta semana. También quiero agradecer a ella por siempre reírse conmigo. Estoy agradecida por tener una relación íntima con ella. I want to thank my sister Sophia for spending time with me and for watching the TV show … Sigue leyendo Quiero agradecer/I want to thank…

Estoy Agradecida/ I am thankful

The beautiful lake on a nice fall day. - El hermoso lago en un día de otoño.  I am thankful for my sister because she is always there to make me smile and laugh when I need someone. She always makes me feel better on days when I am not feeling the best and helps … Sigue leyendo Estoy Agradecida/ I am thankful