Is the Far-reaching Impact of Covid-19 on China?

We all know Covid-19 has had an immeasurable impact on our society and economy. But has anyone thought about exactly how exactly far-reaching this immeasurable effect could be?  According to the statistical data research about the deaths caused by Coronavirus COVID-19 in China, Johns Hopkins University states, "As of June 6, 2022, the novel coronavirus … Sigue leyendo Is the Far-reaching Impact of Covid-19 on China?

Humans: Beauty and the Beasts

Going into this project I knew immediately I wanted to expose the “beast” side to humans. These past few years dealing with Covid-19 have really shown some horrible aspects of humans. From the police brutality, protests turned to riots, the capitol being stormed, and many other horrible events transpiring. It truly shocked me to my … Sigue leyendo Humans: Beauty and the Beasts

«Nature» over the year

In 2020, it is very special due to the "sudden natural outbreak of Taoism around the world" due to the new crown pneumonia virus epidemic - the new crown pneumonia virus will accompany human beings for several years or a long period of time, or it is called "the new crown virus will accompany human … Sigue leyendo «Nature» over the year

Getty art challenge/Getty desafío de arte

The Fable by El Greco: Recreation: I chose this art because it is a famous Spanish artwork that I could recreate with friends and have fun. I recreated it by using paper and clothing to change how we looked, and using a phone flashlight for light. Yo elegí este arte porque es una famosa obra … Sigue leyendo Getty art challenge/Getty desafío de arte

fiber art: crochet

art in different styles There are many different ways you can express art. One form of art I would like to talk about is fiber art. Within fiber art itself there are many different styles. One of the fiber art styles I'm going to focus on today is fiber art in crochet. Crochet has been … Sigue leyendo fiber art: crochet

Dec-Jan 2020-2021

Les deseo a todos la salud y alegria. I wish all my friends and family hope and compassion. Mi deseo para todos es que sean feliz y que se cuiden. My wish for everyone is for all them to become a better person than they were in 2020 and become happy and become successful. Espero … Sigue leyendo Dec-Jan 2020-2021

My wishes for the World:

Hay bondad en el mundo, hasta cuando es difícil encontrarla./There is still good in the world, even if sometimes it seems small. Yo espero que el mundo llegue a ser más cariñoso./I hope the world can become more loving. Finalmente, yo espero que más personas estén saludables durante la pandemia./Finally, I hope everyone is healthy … Sigue leyendo My wishes for the World:

Deseos para este año 2021/Wishes This Year 2021

Busquemos buenas adventuras juntos. Este año nuevo, yo quiero viajar mucho. Me siento más relajada cuando estoy afuera. Me gustan nuevas adventuras. Durante el verano, quiero poder viajar mucho más. Estoy en paz cuando estoy al aire fresco. Les deseo a todos una oportunidad para gozar la naturaleza este año. Lets look for good adventures … Sigue leyendo Deseos para este año 2021/Wishes This Year 2021