Humans: Beauty and the Beasts

Going into this project I knew immediately I wanted to expose the “beast” side to humans. These past few years dealing with Covid-19 have really shown some horrible aspects of humans. From the police brutality, protests turned to riots, the capitol being stormed, and many other horrible events transpiring. It truly shocked me to my … Sigue leyendo Humans: Beauty and the Beasts

«Nature» over the year

In 2020, it is very special due to the "sudden natural outbreak of Taoism around the world" due to the new crown pneumonia virus epidemic - the new crown pneumonia virus will accompany human beings for several years or a long period of time, or it is called "the new crown virus will accompany human … Sigue leyendo «Nature» over the year

Study Abroad a Life Changing Event

I think nobody is willing to talk about COVID-19, which is a sad story for everyone for sure. Though, I am not going to talk about after COVID life, I will share about the life before COVID. Back 2016, I was a 16 years old innocent kid, after I just graduated from middle school, my … Sigue leyendo Study Abroad a Life Changing Event

What is considered art ?

¿QUÉ SE CONSIDERA ARTE ? Art is found all around you and within you, for example, the house you grew up in and the art of architecture, your favorite flowers, and the art of a world that exists to provide life, a baby, and the art of the human body with the ability to procreate. … Sigue leyendo What is considered art ?

Famosa recreación artística

Monet is a very famous artist. This painting is “A Woman With A Parasol Facing Left.” The colors are very natural. The woman is wearing a white dress, a blue scarf, and an umbrella. In my recreation, I am wearing a white blanket for the dress, blue pants for the scarf, and using my dad’s … Sigue leyendo Famosa recreación artística

El mundo de Christina / Christina’s World

Ésta es mi representación del cuadro “Christina’s World” por Andrew Wyeth. En el cuadro original, la chica Christina anhela ir a la casa en el fondo. En mi representación, yo anhelo ir a la casa de mis abuelos. Les extraño mucho, pero yo sé que las nubes grises saldrán pronto y los cielos azules llegarán. … Sigue leyendo El mundo de Christina / Christina’s World

La Cáliz de Plata/The Silver Goblet

Esta es una pintura de Chardin, con título “La cáliz de Plata”. Debajo del cuadro se ve mi imitación. En lugar de usar un vaso de plata, usé un vaso de agua. This is a painting by Chardin, titled “The Silver Goblet”. Below the painting is my imitation. Instead of using a silver goblet, I … Sigue leyendo La Cáliz de Plata/The Silver Goblet