Dos gatos y un adiós al blog/Two cats and a final farewell to the blog by Maya Morales (posted by A Nocton)

I saw this painting and it reminded me of this picture I had of my cats from when they were younger and it ended up being a perfect match. Elegí esta pintura porque mis gatos se ven similares. La imagen coincidía con una foto que ya tomé hace tiempo. Thanks to my mom for helping … Sigue leyendo Dos gatos y un adiós al blog/Two cats and a final farewell to the blog by Maya Morales (posted by A Nocton)

Último blog/Last blog

I chose to recreate ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ painting with my dog because I thought it would be fun and funny. To recreate the painting, I used a blue sweater and I photoshopped in a pearl earring. My dog and I had a lot of fun.  Elegí recrear la pintura ‘ Girl with a … Sigue leyendo Último blog/Last blog

Still Life y Adios

Original I chose this piece because it's very simple but it can portray so many meanings, for example, simplicity is beauty or stillness is strength. I recreated this by using the accessible resources around me such as my dining table, red apples, and a plate. / Yo elegí esta obra porque es muy simple … Sigue leyendo Still Life y Adios

fashion art (blog post)/arte de la moda

I chose this piece of art work because I loved all of the bright colors and the collage-like look to it. I recreated it by using scrap paper from magazines and construction paper. I found all different shades of yellow and layered them to give the same effect, and cut out a random persons face … Sigue leyendo fashion art (blog post)/arte de la moda

Recrear «Starry night»/ Recreating «Starry Night»

I chose to recreate the "Starry Night" painting by Van Gogh. I used clothes to recreate the image. Yo recreé el "Starry Night" por Van Gogh. Yo usé ropas a recrear el imagen. Esta entrada será mi última entrada este año. Quiero gracias mi maestra por enseñarme español.

Study Abroad a Life Changing Event

I think nobody is willing to talk about COVID-19, which is a sad story for everyone for sure. Though, I am not going to talk about after COVID life, I will share about the life before COVID. Back 2016, I was a 16 years old innocent kid, after I just graduated from middle school, my … Sigue leyendo Study Abroad a Life Changing Event

The memory about my performance

These photos are about my high school performance experience. I remember when I first time entered my high school, I was attracted by the various club activities in my high school. Moreover, I started leaning play the piano when I was a kid and I have lots of performance experience so I am anticipated to … Sigue leyendo The memory about my performance

Mis Objetos de Valor My Valuables

Llevaría este libro porque me ayudaría a aprender y estar mejor por dondequiera vaya. I would bring this book because it would help me learn and be better where I go. Llevaria audifonos para escuchar música y podcasts. Esto me ayudaría a estar más feliz. I would bring earbuds to listen to music and podcasts. … Sigue leyendo Mis Objetos de Valor My Valuables

Soy de Los profes de idiomas/I am from the language teachers

Profes en negro Soy del trigo y era una niña con el pelo dorado en un campo soleado de Iowa I am from the wheat that grew when I was a child in Iowa. Soy de las papas y era la primera nieta de una irlandesa que dejó a su país a los 17 años. … Sigue leyendo Soy de Los profes de idiomas/I am from the language teachers

Soy de…

Soy de visitar el condominio de mis abuelas en Florida durante el verano. Soy de la caqueta de patas deliciosa de mi tía que ellas preparó pera navidad. Soy de mirar todas las películas "Shrek" cines con mi abuelo cuando era niña. I am from trips to my grandma's condo in Florida during summer. I … Sigue leyendo Soy de…