Carta de literatura

Estimado Sr. Garvin, Síntomas de ser humano... Sentirá emociones que no sabe cómo explicar o por qué las siente, pero son válidasPuede que piense que se está mintiendo a sí misma y los que te rodean; lo resolverásNo sabrás quién eres. Ser adolescente puede ser realmente difícil, no sé qué escribir sobre este libro porque … Sigue leyendo Carta de literatura

Cartas Sobre La Literatura

Querido Autor Desconocido, Me encanta el poema Beowulf con la totalidad de mi corazón. Hace dos meses, mi profesora de Inglés me introdujo a este cuento fascinante, y aunque yo no lo sabía en ese momento, me ha impactado de una manera que nada más podría hacer. Todos los días después de la clase, yo … Sigue leyendo Cartas Sobre La Literatura

Letters About Literature

Dear Unknown Author, I love the poem Beowulf with the entirety of my heart. Two months ago, my eleventh grade English teacher introduced me to this fascinating story, and while I did not know it at the time, it has impacted me in a way that nothing else could. Every day after class, I felt … Sigue leyendo Letters About Literature

Literary Letter to the Onion By Diego

Dear The Onion I have never really liked to read. There have always been more fun things to do like play video games, go outside to play sports or hang out with friends. But I have always been interested in politics and the things that happen on a daily basis. Due to that I enjoy … Sigue leyendo Literary Letter to the Onion By Diego

Letters About Literature: to John Green

Dear John Green, The weight of schoolwork and forced reading for school has removed the ability to read for pleasure from the lives of virtually every student, including myself. My friends and I can all recount the times of our youth when we could all easily pick up a book and read cover to cover, … Sigue leyendo Letters About Literature: to John Green

A Book That Has Impacted My Life

Amber Olgac Nocton Spanish 4AP 13 November 2018   Dear Mrs. Picoult, Frequently, I tend to see things with tunnel vision; my perspective and only my perspective. However, your book, The Pact, allowed me to have a more open mind about situations that surround my life daily and why one would think things differently than … Sigue leyendo A Book That Has Impacted My Life