Ode to my dog/ oda a mi perro

Chubby dog   Very spoiled  Makes me smile  You make me walk you everyday  You’re crazy  You eat a lot  You have to start going to the gym  You bark at everything When you get old and pass away It’s going to be sad  Mi perro gordito Muy mimado Me haces sonreir Tú me haces caminar … Sigue leyendo Ode to my dog/ oda a mi perro

Estoy agradecida por…/ I am thankful for…

Quiero agradecer a Alaycia por ayudarme con el español I want to thank Alaycia for helping  with SpanishAgradezco a Seńora Nocton por comprenderI am grateful to Señora Nocton for understanding Doy gracias a mis padres por ayudarme en todoI thank my parents for helping me through everything

El octubre es/ October is

October is a month where leaves are falling, they are transforming colors, and the temperature is very cool. My brother and I were walking in the woods and we found this mushroom house in a tree/ Octubre es un mes en el que las hojas caen, transforman los colores y la temperatura es muy fresca. … Sigue leyendo El octubre es/ October is

Una Oda a Queso de los Dedos de Pie

Moist yellow mush Nestled between my toes Churning around with the sweat of my feet A piece escapes and pierces the surface crusty yet soggy and covered in blue Moldy from isolation under the nail Pungent and fruity the scent travels Up from my feet to my undeserving nose Instantly filled with joy and excitement … Sigue leyendo Una Oda a Queso de los Dedos de Pie

Ode to Cell Phone / Oda al Teléfono Celular

English O mighty cellphone How you occupy my time With all your gadgets and apps Your grand screen illuminates my life Upon your smooth, glossy touch screen I have everything I need From instant messages and a camera And everything in between   I pray to thee, noble cell phone For making it look like … Sigue leyendo Ode to Cell Phone / Oda al Teléfono Celular