Una carta a Dr. Suess/ A letter to Dr. Seuss

Dear Dr. Seuss,   I have recently revisited one of your most famous pieces, Oh the Places You’ll Go!. This book was a huge part of my childhood, it was the book I most often chose off the shelf. But what I remembered is not what I found. I remember it being a book filled with … Sigue leyendo Una carta a Dr. Suess/ A letter to Dr. Seuss

A Letter to R.J. Palacio/ Una Carta a R.J. Palacio

Dear R. J. Palacio, One of my favorite books that I have ever read in school was the book Wonder. I think the moral of the book is such an important thing to teach kids, especially at a younger age like I was when I read it. It teaches people to be kind to one … Sigue leyendo A Letter to R.J. Palacio/ Una Carta a R.J. Palacio

Alguien que Admiro

Alguien que admiro es mi abuelo. Mi abuelo es muy inteligente y artistico. Me gusta disfruto las gatos tiempo con el abuelo. Yo como almorzar con el abuelo una vez a la semana. Someone who I admire is my grandpa. My grandpa is very intelligent and artistic. I like to spend time with my grandpa. … Sigue leyendo Alguien que Admiro

Estoy Agradecida/I am grateful…

Estoy agradecida por mi familia porque siempre me cuidan / I am thankful for my family because they are always there for me Doy gracias a mi amigos porque me hacen reír / I give thanks to my friends because they make me laugh Estoy agradecida por mi gato y mi perro porque los adoro … Sigue leyendo Estoy Agradecida/I am grateful…


I am grateful to my parents because they are loving Estoy agradecida por mis padres porque son cariñosos. I give thanks to my friends for making me smile Doy gracias a mis amigos por hacerme sonreír I thank my grandparents for making delicious food Agradezco a mis abuelos por hacer deliciosa comida