Mi pequeno jardin/ My little garden

Here is a picture of my little garden. I've been taking care of it for the majority of summer, and there are more plants but I didn't really feel like taking another picture so I just went with taking one picture. Aquí hay una foto de mi pequeño jardín. Lo he estado cuidando durante la … Sigue leyendo Mi pequeno jardin/ My little garden

My tomatoes/ Mis tomates

These are my tomatoes! If you can't tell, they are very small. I got them as a gift from my neighbors. During summer, I brought them to my family's fair and won first prize (they were cute so a lot of people voted for them). So you could say these are my award winning tomatoes! … Sigue leyendo My tomatoes/ Mis tomates

Flores y rayos de sol / Flowers and sun rays

Las flores están floreciendo en nuestro jardín. Veo esto como un símbolo de esperanza y nuevos comienzos. Durante este momento difícil, yo envío esperanza a tu camino. The flowers are blooming in our garden. I see this as a symbol of hope and new beginnings. During this difficult time, I send hope your way. Una … Sigue leyendo Flores y rayos de sol / Flowers and sun rays