“The Shadowbox” por Rose Pacik-Nelson

Esta pieza fue de hace unos años, por Rose Pacik-Nelson. Ella lo llama "La caja de sombras". Creo que lo llama así porque el arte muestra un significado más profundo de nosotros mismos. Muestra la parte de nosotros que existe en el interior, una que pocas personas conocen.

Millie Bobby Brown

This is Millie Bobby Brown, she is a 14-year-old model and actress she will be turning 15 on February 19. She's been in 3 movies and will be in 2 more later this year and in 2020. The first time I saw her was on a Netflix series "Stranger Things" where she played the role … Sigue leyendo Millie Bobby Brown

Una Carta a Sharon Draper

Querido Señora Draper, Tu libro cambió mi vida. Lo encontré en el cuarto grado. Estaba delante de estudiantes otros. Mi maestra me dio unos pocos libros para elegir, y su libro se destaca. Creo que fue el pez dorado. Honestamente, no sé por qué elegí tu libro. Pero, sé que tu libro cambió la forma … Sigue leyendo Una Carta a Sharon Draper

Victoria Laurie “When”

I loved the book "When" by Victoria Laurie. I read it in 8th grade and it took me a week to read the whole thing. My mom would drive me to school and I’d pull the book out in the car and read for ten minutes. I got to school and I would read it … Sigue leyendo Victoria Laurie “When”

Letter About Literature

Dear Laura Ingalls Wilder, I don’t entirely remember how my family came across your stories, but I do know that they had a large impact on my childhood. From about the time I was in first grade, my parents and I would read the books before bed and it didn’t take us very long to … Sigue leyendo Letter About Literature

A Book That Has Impacted My Life

Amber Olgac Nocton Spanish 4AP 13 November 2018   Dear Mrs. Picoult, Frequently, I tend to see things with tunnel vision; my perspective and only my perspective. However, your book, The Pact, allowed me to have a more open mind about situations that surround my life daily and why one would think things differently than … Sigue leyendo A Book That Has Impacted My Life

Letters About Literature

Dear Stephen Chbosky, Ever since I was young, reading has been an important part of my life. My parents and I would read together every night, and as I grew older I became an avid reader on my own. I remember staying up late and reading until the words became blurry to my eyes all … Sigue leyendo Letters About Literature