Las Maravillas de Invierno/ Winter Wonderland

Mi deseo para todos es salud. Espero que la vida les ofrezca más la magia. Busquemos la luz juntos. My wish for everyone is health. I hope that life offers you more magic. Let’s look for light together.

Un deseo/A wish/I miei auguri

Busquemos la luz juntos. Let's look for light together. Cerchiamo la luce insieme.

The End is Near/ El Final Está Cerca

I used to think that I was empathetic, but I may be the opposite. George Floyd's murder triggered America's current unrest, but only because it was the last straw. And yet, I have trouble feeling any of that. What's wrong with me? I understand what happened and I'm angry. At the same time, I don't … Sigue leyendo The End is Near/ El Final Está Cerca