Las puestas del sol, y los días lluviosos. 

A sunset in Rhode Island. What is special about where I live is the food because there are many options.  Lo que es especial donde vivo es la comida porque hay muchas opciones. A beautiful place where I live is main street because it feels like home.  Un lugar bonito donde vivo es la calle … Sigue leyendo Las puestas del sol, y los días lluviosos. 

A Letter to Jeanine Cummins | Una Carta a Jeanine Cummins

Dear Jeanine Cummins, We hear occasional sarcastic comments about “the drug lords in Mexico,” or “all of the murders” in Colombia, and at first they were just that--sarcastic and insensitive comments.  I was vaguely aware of the violence and terror rampant throughout Mexico and Central America, but blind to the reality of the migrants’ world--watching … Sigue leyendo A Letter to Jeanine Cummins | Una Carta a Jeanine Cummins

Death of a Salesman Letter

Dear Arthur Miller, I have just read your play, Death of a Salesman for my English class and to be honest I thought I would not find any connection to it, but to my surprise some themes did resonate with me. One being you have to be well liked to succeed, another being if you … Sigue leyendo Death of a Salesman Letter

Foto de la Naturaleza

Español: Este árbol representa el progreso y el optimismo durante momentos difíciles (dabo la presencia de las flores en el árbol y hojas muertas debajo de él). También, este árbol me relaja cuándo estoy estresado o ansioso. Representa la estabilidad también, porque sus hojas no cambió el color durante el mes pasado. Además, su separación … Sigue leyendo Foto de la Naturaleza

Sp 5A/ECE final assignment 2020 – Alex Brita Blog

I have included 4 different photos I have taken from each year of my highschool career  that I think represent them the most accurately. Freshman Year:  I think this photo of Mt. Washington in NH I took back in 2016 reflects what my year being a freshman was like. I could see the great peaks … Sigue leyendo Sp 5A/ECE final assignment 2020 – Alex Brita Blog

En los últimos meses (durante el pandémico de COVID-19): Lo que he aprendido: -La cuarentena me hizo darme cuenta de lo mucho que la gente afecta mi vida. Extrañé la parte social de la escuela más de lo que esperaba los últimos meses.  -La escuela y todos los profesores trabajan tan duro para asegurarse de … Sigue leyendo

Richie Final Blog post

What I have learned: -I have learned that I love being outside -I learned how caring and committed my teachers are -I once again learned how polarized and divided our country is when it comes to obvious injustices -As a whole people seem to focus on news for a week, then move on to the … Sigue leyendo Richie Final Blog post