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By: Connor Ouellette I am from movie nights with my dad who would (and still does) make his famous recipe for popcorn. It was the best. Soy de las famosas palomitas de maíz que mi papá nos preparó cuando era pequeño. I am from my mom's famous homemade chicken tenders and fries that were always … Sigue leyendo Memory blog

SOy De… /I am From

When my papa took me to get cheese and ice cream in Canada.  Soy de salir a comer queso y helado con mi abuelo cuando fuimos a Canada para ver donde creció cuando yo era pequeña.  When my sister and I would play in the pool as dolphins or mermaids.  Soy de fingir a ser … Sigue leyendo SOy De… /I am From

Recereación de Muhammad Ali

I decided to recreate this painting of Muhammad Ali, after he defeated Sonny Liston, in Lewiston, Maine during May of 1965. It is one of the most if not the most iconic sports shot of all time. Yo decidí a recrear esta cuadro de Muhammad Ali, despues de derrotar Sonny Liston, en Lewiston, Maine, durante … Sigue leyendo Recereación de Muhammad Ali

A Letter to Jeanine Cummins | Una Carta a Jeanine Cummins

Dear Jeanine Cummins, We hear occasional sarcastic comments about “the drug lords in Mexico,” or “all of the murders” in Colombia, and at first they were just that--sarcastic and insensitive comments.  I was vaguely aware of the violence and terror rampant throughout Mexico and Central America, but blind to the reality of the migrants’ world--watching … Sigue leyendo A Letter to Jeanine Cummins | Una Carta a Jeanine Cummins

Gracias Por

Mi madre porque me ayuda con la escuela Mi padre porque me ayuda con el ejercicio Mi perro porque es guapo Mis amigos porque ellos son divertidos Mi hermano porque yo tengo que decirle gracias El fútbol porque es divertido

Sp 5A/ECE final assignment 2020 – Alex Brita Blog

I have included 4 different photos I have taken from each year of my highschool career  that I think represent them the most accurately. Freshman Year:  I think this photo of Mt. Washington in NH I took back in 2016 reflects what my year being a freshman was like. I could see the great peaks … Sigue leyendo Sp 5A/ECE final assignment 2020 – Alex Brita Blog

Corona-cation/el descanso de la escuela por COVID 19

Esta imagen muestra a mi mamá y yo al jugar a fútbol. Esto es especial porque amo a mi mamá. Nosotros jugamos por una hora. This photo shows me playing soccer with my mom. This is special because I love my mom. We played for an hour.