A Letter to Jeanine Cummins | Una Carta a Jeanine Cummins

Dear Jeanine Cummins, We hear occasional sarcastic comments about “the drug lords in Mexico,” or “all of the murders” in Colombia, and at first they were just that--sarcastic and insensitive comments.  I was vaguely aware of the violence and terror rampant throughout Mexico and Central America, but blind to the reality of the migrants’ world--watching … Sigue leyendo A Letter to Jeanine Cummins | Una Carta a Jeanine Cummins

Un deseo/A wish/I miei auguri

Busquemos la luz juntos. Let's look for light together. Cerchiamo la luce insieme.

Sp 5A/ECE final assignment 2020 – Alex Brita Blog

I have included 4 different photos I have taken from each year of my highschool career  that I think represent them the most accurately. Freshman Year:  I think this photo of Mt. Washington in NH I took back in 2016 reflects what my year being a freshman was like. I could see the great peaks … Sigue leyendo Sp 5A/ECE final assignment 2020 – Alex Brita Blog

Richie Final Blog post

What I have learned: -I have learned that I love being outside -I learned how caring and committed my teachers are -I once again learned how polarized and divided our country is when it comes to obvious injustices -As a whole people seem to focus on news for a week, then move on to the … Sigue leyendo Richie Final Blog post

Mientras la vida se abre/As Life Unfurls Itself…

¿Cúanta belleza hay en el mundo? How much beauty exists in the world? Mientras la vida se abre...As life unfurls itself

¡Cómo adoro un día de mayo soleado!/How I adore a sunny day in May!

El sábado pasado, el 12 de mayo, la naturaleza nos regaló un día espléndido de sol. On Saturday, May 12, nature regaled us with a splendid sunny day.

Oda a las almohadas / Ode to Pillows

  Oda a las almohadas ¡Oh, almohada! Acostada la parte superior de mi cama, Constantemente dando soporte a la cabeza Mientras descanso en paz en la comodidad de tus brazos. ¡Oh, almohada! Eres el escenario de todos mis sueños, Un lugar donde puedo poner la mente a dormir. Después de un día largo y difícil, … Sigue leyendo Oda a las almohadas / Ode to Pillows

Cartas Sobre la Literatura

Estimada Danielle Paige, La lectura para mí siempre ha sido un lucha constante. Mi mente hiperactiva nunca podría instalarse y enfocarse lo suficiente como para permitirme disfrutar de las historias. Nunca pude explorar los “mundos diferentes” de los que habla la gente sobre cómo ser transportados mientras leen libros. Ningún libro realmente captó mi atención. … Sigue leyendo Cartas Sobre la Literatura

Ode to the Movie Theater

To enter within your walls is to be welcomed into paradise itself Buzzing with the sound of happiness Characterized by the rich aroma of popcorn You, with your carpets speckled with remnants of spilled drinks and movie tickets, are a refuge for dreamers escaping harsh realities of the outside world When I am cradled in your … Sigue leyendo Ode to the Movie Theater