“Education determines the present and future of mankind. Human society needs to continuously cultivate the talents needed by society through education. It needs to teach the known, update the old knowledge, discover the new knowledge, and explore the unknown through education, so that people can better understand the world, transform the world, and better create … Sigue leyendo Education

Information and fast-paced era

VUCA ---volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, ambiguity. Procter & Gamble COO Robert McDonald borrowed a military term to describe this new business world configuration. In this era, the outside world changes more in one day than our grandparents did in a lifetime.How does this affect us? Humans are living creatures. So once you can't feel the joy … Sigue leyendo Information and fast-paced era

Table tennis and my youth

Yihe Li Perhaps life is like a table tennis match, best of five sets. In every department, we need to win steadily, no matter how strong the opponent, no matter how bad their skills, we must first overwhelm the momentum of the opponent, because firm faith often guides the direction of success or failure. About  … Sigue leyendo Table tennis and my youth

How does travel change me?

27 February 2023 Travel implies a change, not just announcing to others that I have been somewhere. People's temperaments and perspectives are changed by travel. You will observe that different individuals have various habits while traveling and come to the realization that not everyone lives in the same manner as you. Your thinking widens as … Sigue leyendo How does travel change me?

What does friendship mean to you?

27/02/2023     Friendship for me means an unbreakable feeling, it is as important as family for me. I think it is like a precious gift that adds many bright colors to my life, gives me many good memories, and comforts me when I am most sad. Without friendship, one can feel lonely because there is no … Sigue leyendo What does friendship mean to you?

How to Overcome Procrastination

2023.2.6|Life|Habit|By Bowei Zhang  Procrastination refers to a kind of behavior that fails in self-regulation and still postpones what is planned to do when the consequences can be expected to be harmful. After going to college, I began to procrastinate. I set many goals, but I often lack motivation or feel pressure to complete them. Many … Sigue leyendo How to Overcome Procrastination

The Damage Caused by Rumors

3 February 2023 Nowadays, people cannot live without their cell phones and computers. The Internet has replaced traditional newspapers and books, making information more quickly and conveniently delivered to us. However, this has also produced some negative effects, such as online rumors. Internet rumors are spread through short videos, public numbers, live streaming, etc. Disinformation … Sigue leyendo The Damage Caused by Rumors

Is the Far-reaching Impact of Covid-19 on China?

We all know Covid-19 has had an immeasurable impact on our society and economy. But has anyone thought about exactly how exactly far-reaching this immeasurable effect could be?  According to the statistical data research about the deaths caused by Coronavirus COVID-19 in China, Johns Hopkins University states, "As of June 6, 2022, the novel coronavirus … Sigue leyendo Is the Far-reaching Impact of Covid-19 on China?

 Food Waste Should Be Taken Seriously

    The earth is our home, we should take care of it. Food is an indispensable resource for human beings.The earth has given us indispensable food, but we do not cherish it. Nowadays, the economic level of many countries has improved, and people's food consumption level has also improved, but consequently, too much unnecessary food waste … Sigue leyendo  Food Waste Should Be Taken Seriously

Amor y Odio

El amor y el odio son cosas difíciles de definir. También definiendo cualquier y todas las emociones que usted siente; las emociones están para la interpretación y sobre la base de experiencias personales.  El amor en su definición básica para mí es el intenso sentimiento de afecto por alguien o algo. Podría ser tan pequeño … Sigue leyendo Amor y Odio