An Ode to New Orleans/Oda a Nueva Orleans

Ode to New Orleans What a picturesque scene to see Where life comes alive at night Flickering lights against the cool black sky People filling the streets as the clock inches forward The sunset awakes the night and with it comes the flood of voices People are drunk on life and laughter and the music … Sigue leyendo An Ode to New Orleans/Oda a Nueva Orleans

Las Aventuras y el Aburrimiento De Leonardo

La foto del océano y el fútbol son algunas de mis aventuras que hago seguido. Una Aventura para mi es hacer algo divertido y que disfruto. A mi me encanta jugar el deporte fútbol todo el tiempo y en la foto de arriba se puede ver un partido de fútbol. Estuve en un torneo de … Sigue leyendo Las Aventuras y el Aburrimiento De Leonardo

El Romanticismo

"Las dueñas referían, á propósito de la noche de difuntos, cuentos temerosos, en que losespectros y los aparecidos representaban el principal papel, y las campanas de las iglesiasde Soria doblaban á lo lejos con un tañido monótono y triste." - El monte de las animas (Gustavo Bécquer) "¡Amar! Había nacido para soñar el amor, no … Sigue leyendo El Romanticismo

The Impact of Travel

Nature has been one of the most present and constant things in my life since as long as I can remember. Living in the city my mom has always tried to expose my sister and I to a lot of different scenery, whether that was the Blue hills which is about 15 minutes from my … Sigue leyendo The Impact of Travel

Las Mujeres en el Puente/The Women on the Bridge,_Hamburger_Kunsthalle_(1901).jpg I found this art piece online and realized that I had a photo similar to it, so I decided to use it. This art piece also looked like me and I thought it would be easier to recreate / Encontré esta obra de arte en línea y Me di cuenta de que tenía una … Sigue leyendo Las Mujeres en el Puente/The Women on the Bridge

My most treasured thing/ Mis cosas más atesoradas

My most treasured thing is family's "My cloud" box because it has all of our pictures and memories stored on it Mis cosa mas atesoada es la caja "Mi nube" de mi familia porque tiene todas nuestras fotos y recuerdos almacenados Another object that I would take is my laptop because if I were to … Sigue leyendo My most treasured thing/ Mis cosas más atesoradas


I believe that when everyone has a long vacation, the first pastime that comes to mind is to go on a trip. Traveling can not only ease my stress on study, but also let me temporarily put down all my troubles, leave those annoying problems behind for a while, and let me feel relaxed wholeheartedly. … Sigue leyendo Travel

If I Leave in a Hurry / Si Tengo Salir Muy Rápido

If I had to leave in a hurry, there are some things that I would want to have with me, just in case. Si tengo que salir mi casa muy rápidamente, hay muchas cosas que quiero traer conmigo. In addition to my phone, I would bring my watch so that I know what time it … Sigue leyendo If I Leave in a Hurry / Si Tengo Salir Muy Rápido

I would bring… / Yo traería…

I would bring… / Yo traería... Destiny Epps Drawing supplies / Materials de dibjuar I love to draw. I would bring drawing supplies because I like to be creative. I would want some form of media that would allow me to express my emotions and remain calm. Me encanta dibujar. Llevaría los materiales para dibujar … Sigue leyendo I would bring… / Yo traería…

Regalo al mundo el pijama

I wish for the world a dress code of pajamas because they are comfortable and effortless. Deseo al mundo un código de vestirse de pijamas porque son cómodos I would like to give the world  more ways of traveling  because  of the freedom Me gustaría regalarle al mundo más formas viajar porque ofrece a uno … Sigue leyendo Regalo al mundo el pijama