El próposito de nuestro blog…The purpose of our blog

Purpose of Perdidos en sus pensamientos

Each student has adopted a “big concept” word for the academic year.

This word will be the focus of a year-long project where students will use the blog for Advanced Placement Spanish Language and Composition and Early College Experience Spanish 3178 and 3179 at the University of Connecticut with blog technologies in order to complete a number of different tasks (some examples follow):

  1. Define the word/concept by providing a series of contexts (texts, world)
  2.  Incorporate the use of the word/concept in written responses to the literature we study throughout the course of the academic year in various formats (short short-story, editorial, poem, essay, skit)
  3. Incorporate the use of the word/concept in a visual response and other creative formats (video, powerpoint, photo essay**)

Rubric Blog Postings for Word Project

An exemplary (presentation) showcase will

  • demonstrate consistent awareness of audience and task, and apt choice of forms
  • show range and variety in reading, writing, and overall inquiry of concept

An exemplary (visual, written) showcase demonstrates an ability to

  • handle varied writing tasks successfully
  • use language creatively and effectively
  • communicate successfully using non-linguistic representations
  • show awareness of audience and purpose
  • create a strong voice
    • communicate insightful ideas clearly
    • select, create, incorporate detail
    • generate original ideas
    • construct artful sentences
    • select evocative and precise words
    • use mechanics to further meaning, no significant errors in Spanish usage


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