Hombre con la manzana

https://www.madisonartshop.com/20-most-famous-paintings-of-all-time.html I picked this image because I thought the man looked very interesting because he is just standing there. It was pretty difficult to get the apple to stay in place so I just used my hand. No tuve un trenchcoat, pero tenía una remera negra. Dibujé un gorro y una corbata. Gracias a mi … Sigue leyendo Hombre con la manzana

Art and Goodbye/ Arte y Adiós

I chose to recreate this piece because I thought it would be fun to try to stack apples without them falling. I bought the apples, took them home, and stacked them on a plate and next to the plate on the table.  Yo elegí recrear este trozo porque pensaba será intentar apilar manzanas sin los … Sigue leyendo Art and Goodbye/ Arte y Adiós

Matemáticas y el bosque

What is special about where I live is that there are many beautiful trees. Lo que es especial donde vivo es que hay muchos árboles hermosos. A beautiful place where I live is Bicentennial Pond because it’s in a clearing in the woods. Un lugar bonito donde vivo es Bicentennial Pond porque está en un … Sigue leyendo Matemáticas y el bosque

A Renaissance Manuscript Page/ Una Página de Manuscrito Renacentista

English Caption- I recreated a renaissance manuscript page. The top portion is a photography book, the flower is another book with mountains on it, showing nature like the flower, and the hard drive is the worm. Spanish Caption- Hice una página de manuscrito renacentista. La parte superior es un libro de fotografía, la flor es … Sigue leyendo A Renaissance Manuscript Page/ Una Página de Manuscrito Renacentista