Le regalo al mundo/I give the world

Un lugar bonito donde vivo es mi casa porque está ubicada en el bosque. Cada mañana, veo venados y otros animales en mi patio de atrás.  A beautiful place where I live is my house because it’s located in the woods. Every morning, I see deers and other animals in my backyard.   Something I want … Sigue leyendo Le regalo al mundo/I give the world

Cambiar al Mundo

I wish for the world to be open-minded because everyone deserves to be heard. Deseo que el mundo tenga la mente abierta porque todos merecen ser escuchados. I would like to give the world art because creativity should be shared. Me gustaría dar arte al mundo porque la creatividad debe ser compartida. I want to … Sigue leyendo Cambiar al Mundo

What is considered art ?

¿QUÉ SE CONSIDERA ARTE ? Art is found all around you and within you, for example, the house you grew up in and the art of architecture, your favorite flowers, and the art of a world that exists to provide life, a baby, and the art of the human body with the ability to procreate. … Sigue leyendo What is considered art ?

fiber art: crochet

art in different styles There are many different ways you can express art. One form of art I would like to talk about is fiber art. Within fiber art itself there are many different styles. One of the fiber art styles I'm going to focus on today is fiber art in crochet. Crochet has been … Sigue leyendo fiber art: crochet

Ode to Spotify

Ode to Spotify I close the car door behind me. Seatbelt, keys in the ignition, aux cord plugged into my phone. My finger glides over the screen.  I know exactly where I'm headed. Navigating, All the possibilities I land on  Spotify. The gates are opened to a world  filled with endless stories, adventures, memories, the … Sigue leyendo Ode to Spotify

Recreation of «Mother and Child»

This is a painting by Pablo Picasso made in 1902. I used stuffed animals for my art recreation because I have a large panda bear. It is in black and white to show despair. Esta es una pintura de Pablo Picasso de 1902. Yo usé peluches para mi recreación artística porque tengo un gran oso … Sigue leyendo Recreation of «Mother and Child»

Ranas en una hoja (Frogs on a leaf)

Mi rana, Gumby, parece muy similar a la rana en el cuadro de Nathan Marcy. En el cuadro y en mi foto hay un juego de luz cual contorno a cada rana. Cada obra tiene una rana encima de una hoja iluminada por debajo. ¡Pienso que yo necesito comprar el arte de Nathan para mi … Sigue leyendo Ranas en una hoja (Frogs on a leaf)