Imitation of a painting by Jean-Pierre Cassigneul by Mia Pedersen (posted for her by Amy Nocton)

Painting by Jean-Pierre Cassigneul #15 I saw another woman recreate this and remembered my sister just bought a graduation dress similar to the one in the painting. I also liked the paleness of the woman's skin and her makeup.  I made the roses out of red tissue paper and green cardstock. The pearl necklace … Sigue leyendo Imitation of a painting by Jean-Pierre Cassigneul by Mia Pedersen (posted for her by Amy Nocton)

La Joven de la Perla/The Girl with A Pearl Earring

Gabriela Hill Yo/Me I chose this piece of art because it brings interest to a lot of people. The painting is of an imaginary girl that Johannes Vermeer, the artist, made up. The time of when it was painted is unknown. I recreated it by putting on the biggest pearl earrings I have and … Sigue leyendo La Joven de la Perla/The Girl with A Pearl Earring

Still Life y Adios

Original I chose this piece because it's very simple but it can portray so many meanings, for example, simplicity is beauty or stillness is strength. I recreated this by using the accessible resources around me such as my dining table, red apples, and a plate. / Yo elegí esta obra porque es muy simple … Sigue leyendo Still Life y Adios

Almond Blossoms/Flor de almendro I chose this piece because it represents hope, courage, and love. I redrew this piece. Yo elegí esta obra porque representa esperanza, coraje, y amor. Esta entrada será mi última entrada este año y me gustaría agradecer a la Sra. Nocton por hacer este año entretenido y memorable.

Confianza inteligente / Smart Confidence

Vanity by John William Waterhouse -- Instead of displaying vanity in terms of beauty, I chose to recreate an individual vain because of her intellect. To do this, I replaced the flower in the woman's hair with a pen and the corresponding flowers behind the figure with books. I also positioned the mirror so … Sigue leyendo Confianza inteligente / Smart Confidence

Famosa recreación artística

Monet is a very famous artist. This painting is “A Woman With A Parasol Facing Left.” The colors are very natural. The woman is wearing a white dress, a blue scarf, and an umbrella. In my recreation, I am wearing a white blanket for the dress, blue pants for the scarf, and using my dad’s … Sigue leyendo Famosa recreación artística

Estoy Agradecida/ I am thankful

The beautiful lake on a nice fall day. - El hermoso lago en un día de otoño.  I am thankful for my sister because she is always there to make me smile and laugh when I need someone. She always makes me feel better on days when I am not feeling the best and helps … Sigue leyendo Estoy Agradecida/ I am thankful