The Benefits of Reading

It is essential that people of the modern world take to reading. Reading is a way to obtain information, which allows one to expand their ability to think critically. Books contain content about historical events, the emotions of specific characters when faced with certain ordeals, and abstract concepts about society and other affairs. Reading helps … Sigue leyendo The Benefits of Reading

The Final Post

I've discovered that censorship has become the new normal. I've found that friendship is underrated. Insanity has been proven to be nothing but a label. I learned that it is only your imagination that can limit you, and finally that loyalty is invaluable. (photo by Amy Nocton)

The Final Post

This year I learned that censorship provides security at the cost of knowledge. I learned that friendship has the potential to unite people and change their lives forever. I learned that superiority and power is dangerous when it is in the hands of a person who abuses it. I learned that love, when it is … Sigue leyendo The Final Post

Reality and censorship

The truth is I am unable to write about what I would really like to write about this week.  Anger, rage, disillusion, sorrow, even despair, I need to leave all of these emotions elsewhere and pretend that everything is fine, when it is not.  Censorship, silence, abuse of power, deception, mistrust, no, these things do … Sigue leyendo Reality and censorship