La Gordita de Oro por Samantha Marinelli

La imaginación es una forma de arte que debe estar celebrado por toda la gente.  Su imaginación y la imaginación de otros deben estar reconocido porque este tipo de arte es lo más mágica y especial.  Durante la semana del día de San Valentín Nicaragua tenía el Tercer Festival Internacional de Bolero.  Este año Nicaragua … Sigue leyendo La Gordita de Oro por Samantha Marinelli

Repairing The Bridge

Dear Don Quijote, My heart started to race and a wave of impatience washed over me. The lights dimmed and a roaring thunder exploded from the sea of fans surrounding me. But at this time, I was alone. Just me in standing there in this huge arena. Tears filled my eyes and my trembling hands … Sigue leyendo Repairing The Bridge

Friendship Defined

Friends have a relationship that no other two people have. Whether a friend is a classmate, a teammate, a parent, or even an animal or a toy, all friendships are similar in the two individuals having a special connection.  Friends understand each other like no one else, allowing them to tell one another anything- secrets, … Sigue leyendo Friendship Defined