Humans: Beauty and the Beasts

Going into this project I knew immediately I wanted to expose the “beast” side to humans. These past few years dealing with Covid-19 have really shown some horrible aspects of humans. From the police brutality, protests turned to riots, the capitol being stormed, and many other horrible events transpiring. It truly shocked me to my … Sigue leyendo Humans: Beauty and the Beasts

fiber art: crochet

art in different styles There are many different ways you can express art. One form of art I would like to talk about is fiber art. Within fiber art itself there are many different styles. One of the fiber art styles I'm going to focus on today is fiber art in crochet. Crochet has been … Sigue leyendo fiber art: crochet

En los últimos meses (durante el pandémico de COVID-19): Lo que he aprendido: -La cuarentena me hizo darme cuenta de lo mucho que la gente afecta mi vida. Extrañé la parte social de la escuela más de lo que esperaba los últimos meses.  -La escuela y todos los profesores trabajan tan duro para asegurarse de … Sigue leyendo