La Cordura en El Quijote

Cuando una persona piensa sobre la palabra ‘locura’, a menudo piensa en una persona con la mente rota, una persona que ve o oye cosas que no hay presentes. En una manera, esto es verdad. Pero es necesario para no confundir la locura con la imaginación porque ellos tienen los criterios similares. Pero, la diferencia … Sigue leyendo La Cordura en El Quijote

Sanity in Don Quixote

When a person thinks about the word 'madness', he often thinks of a person with a broken mind, a person who sees or hears things that are not present. In a way, this is true. But it is necessary not to confuse madness with imagination because they have similar criteria. But, the difference is very … Sigue leyendo Sanity in Don Quixote

The Definition of Imagination

“The imagination is more important than knowledge.” – Albert Einstein The imagination is a part of the mind where there is a whole other type of reality. A reality that seems so vivid, but doesn’t exist. When you were a child, imagination changed a room into outer space and a tree into a castle. Also … Sigue leyendo The Definition of Imagination


As it is shown in El Quijote, truth is a relative concept. Truth for Quijote, truth for Sancho, truth for Quijote's relatives... And almost anyone would agree with this: we are not in possession of absolute truth. We think other's opinions and points of view are also valid. But there is a problem with this … Sigue leyendo Verdad-Truth

Hello! My name is Obsession

In case you don't remember me, my name is Obsession. I'm sure we've met before. But, I know we will meet again. You can not escape me. I'm not avoidable. I am as important to your physical makeup as the color of your eyes or hair. And no, you can not see me physically... But, … Sigue leyendo Hello! My name is Obsession

Satire Defined

From the ancient Greeks and Egyptians, to modern day, satire has been vital in the lives of comedians, politicians and authors, and society in general. Satire can be a noble art, to stop corruption and make society aware of the world's problems and issues. On the other hand, satire can be fun and entertaining. The professional … Sigue leyendo Satire Defined