fashion art (blog post)/arte de la moda

I chose this piece of art work because I loved all of the bright colors and the collage-like look to it. I recreated it by using scrap paper from magazines and construction paper. I found all different shades of yellow and layered them to give the same effect, and cut out a random persons face … Sigue leyendo fashion art (blog post)/arte de la moda

My Tre Amores

English was my first love. To me, no greater of a comfort existed than  The familiar syntax of my mother tongue.  The rise and fall of a plot chart. The superfluous vocabulary; gaudy and outrageous. Something to be shown off, as a child does his shiny, new nickel. A writer’s creed is her words. Furthermore, … Sigue leyendo My Tre Amores

Air Pollution/La Contaminación del Aire

Resources:,and%20walls%20of%20its%20habitat. Air pollution has been a big factor in a lot of the world’s problems. Ever since the Industrial Revolution in 1760, air quality has been on a decline. Air pollution from factories began affecting species abilities to survive. Peppered moths developed an adaptation towards the darkening trees so that they could hide … Sigue leyendo Air Pollution/La Contaminación del Aire