Information and fast-paced era

VUCA ---volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, ambiguity. Procter & Gamble COO Robert McDonald borrowed a military term to describe this new business world configuration. In this era, the outside world changes more in one day than our grandparents did in a lifetime.How does this affect us? Humans are living creatures. So once you can't feel the joy … Sigue leyendo Information and fast-paced era

What does friendship mean to you?

27/02/2023     Friendship for me means an unbreakable feeling, it is as important as family for me. I think it is like a precious gift that adds many bright colors to my life, gives me many good memories, and comforts me when I am most sad. Without friendship, one can feel lonely because there is no … Sigue leyendo What does friendship mean to you?

Enero, Para Mi – January, For Me

Después del caos de Diciembre y toda la estación de celebraciones, hay enero. El primer día del año es un día de celebración de lo que has sobrevivido. También hay entusiasmo por una nueva empieza, algo que todo el mundo puede apreciar. De esas cosas enero está constituido. Nunca sabemos adonde vamos, solo podemos mantener … Sigue leyendo Enero, Para Mi – January, For Me

Final Goodbye

Yo elegí esta pintura para este tipo de arte porque es una pintura de bellas artes.  Quiero usar pintura de bellas artes porque mi padre es profesor de bellas artes. Yo también quería usar a mi perro llamado “Chunk”.    One last thing about trying to recreate the photo was I tried to pick one of … Sigue leyendo Final Goodbye

Getty Art Challenge: Banana Shoes/Zapatos Bananas I chose this peace of artwork because I thought it looked very interesting. Yo esta obra de arte porque pensé que se veía muy interesante. My goodbye: My teacher Ms. Nocton made a difference in my school year this year. She was aware of our mental health which not a lot of teachers were. … Sigue leyendo Getty Art Challenge: Banana Shoes/Zapatos Bananas

Desafiar de Imagen de Getty y Mi Última Entrada/ Getty Art Challenge and My Last Post ¡Mi perro y yo! / My dog and me! Yo escogí esta imagen porque me gusta acostarme en el césped con mi perro y me gusta jugar Frisbee con él. Yo recreé la imagen con mi perro en el césped a mi casa, y mi mamá tomó la imagen. / I chose this image … Sigue leyendo Desafiar de Imagen de Getty y Mi Última Entrada/ Getty Art Challenge and My Last Post

 Mis cosas más atesoradas/ My most treasured things

Mi caja de tarjetas, letras, y notas/ My box of cards, letters, and notes. I always try to keep the cards, letters, and notes I receive from people because I'm very sentimental. In there, I even have things I've received from people I don't talk to anymore because they mean that much to me. This … Sigue leyendo  Mis cosas más atesoradas/ My most treasured things

The memory about my performance

These photos are about my high school performance experience. I remember when I first time entered my high school, I was attracted by the various club activities in my high school. Moreover, I started leaning play the piano when I was a kid and I have lots of performance experience so I am anticipated to … Sigue leyendo The memory about my performance


I believe that when everyone has a long vacation, the first pastime that comes to mind is to go on a trip. Traveling can not only ease my stress on study, but also let me temporarily put down all my troubles, leave those annoying problems behind for a while, and let me feel relaxed wholeheartedly. … Sigue leyendo Travel