My wishes for the world/ mis deseos para el mundo

  I wish for the world peace because there is too much warDeseo al mundo paz porque hay demasiado guerra I want to offer the world creativity because we can express ourselves Quiero ofrecer la creatividad al mundo porque podemos expresarnos I would like to give the world fun because we should experience new thingsMe … Sigue leyendo My wishes for the world/ mis deseos para el mundo

Mi HermosA Casa

Un hermoso lugar que visito es Zonguldak Eregli en Turquía porque el océano es hermoso. A beautiful place where I visit is Zonguldak Eregli because of the beautiful ocean.  Something I want to share with others about where I live is the good food because it is very delicious. Algo que quiero compartir con otros … Sigue leyendo Mi HermosA Casa

I am from/soy de…

Soy de los parques donde jugaba con mis amigosI am from the parks where I played with my friends Soy de la India de donde mi papá inmigróI am from India from where my father immigrated Soy de los lugares viajaba con mi familiaI am from the places I traveled with my family

Soy De…/I am From…

My favorite food someone would get me when I was younger was Banana Sundaes. Soy de helados plátanos que comía con mi mamá y hermana era pequeño.  A memory of something fun i did with a friend when i was younger was playing with nerf guns and pretending to be in a zombie apocalypse with … Sigue leyendo Soy De…/I am From…

Recreation of «Mother and Child»

This is a painting by Pablo Picasso made in 1902. I used stuffed animals for my art recreation because I have a large panda bear. It is in black and white to show despair. Esta es una pintura de Pablo Picasso de 1902. Yo usé peluches para mi recreación artística porque tengo un gran oso … Sigue leyendo Recreation of «Mother and Child»

Estoy agradecido por/ I am thankful for

Estoy agradecido por my familia y amigos. Mi amigo siempre me apoya pasa lo que pasa. Mi amigo y yo vamos a esquiar todo el tiempo. Estoy agradecido por la montaña que donde esquio, la montaña es hermosa en y se encuentra en Vermont.  Además estoy agradecido por mi familia y mi madre. Mi madre … Sigue leyendo Estoy agradecido por/ I am thankful for

To Thank… Agradecer…

English: I am thankful for my friends who are there to show support when I am feeling down. They always listen to my problems and help me feel better. My friends make my life more bright and fun like the flowers that bloom in this bland world… I am grateful for my brother for showing … Sigue leyendo To Thank… Agradecer…

Don’t Take Anything For Granted | No Des Nada Por Sentado

October 5, 2019 What I have learned: -During this pandemic I’ve learned that although I don’t really like to go out it is nice to do so once in a while. I realize that I took life for granted before. -I’ve learned that online school isn’t easy at all and it is very hard to … Sigue leyendo Don’t Take Anything For Granted | No Des Nada Por Sentado

Mi Familia/My Family por/by Ava Boothroyd

Yo he pasado mucho tiempo con mi familia. Amo a mi familia. Todos trabajamos durante el día. Pasamos tiempo con la familia por la noche. I spend a lot of time with my family. I love my family. We do work during the day. We spend time with the family at night.