La luna que se asemeja Becquer

El monte de las animas - Gustavo Adolfo Becquer “Veía con esa fosforescencia de la pupila en las crisis nerviosas, como bultos que semovían en todas direcciones; y cuando dilatándolas las fijaba en un punto, nada,oscuridad, las sombras impenetrables” (6)


mirar por ti es mirarme es mirarnos

La Cordura en El Quijote

Cuando una persona piensa sobre la palabra ‘locura’, a menudo piensa en una persona con la mente rota, una persona que ve o oye cosas que no hay presentes. En una manera, esto es verdad. Pero es necesario para no confundir la locura con la imaginación porque ellos tienen los criterios similares. Pero, la diferencia … Sigue leyendo La Cordura en El Quijote

Sanity in Don Quixote

When a person thinks about the word 'madness', he often thinks of a person with a broken mind, a person who sees or hears things that are not present. In a way, this is true. But it is necessary not to confuse madness with imagination because they have similar criteria. But, the difference is very … Sigue leyendo Sanity in Don Quixote

El Malhumorado y la Tragedia de la Gente (The Grinch and the Tragedy of the People)

"I know up on top you are seeing great sights, but down here on the bottom, we too should have rights." -Dr. Seuss, "Yertle the Turtle" Drawn by Lexi Palmberg This is a portrayal of Donald Trump as the Grinch following the immigration ban.

The Final Post

I've discovered that censorship has become the new normal. I've found that friendship is underrated. Insanity has been proven to be nothing but a label. I learned that it is only your imagination that can limit you, and finally that loyalty is invaluable. (photo by Amy Nocton)


This year we learned... Power is something that is desired by the majority but possessed by the minority. There are many different forms of friendship, and no one is better than another. To get through life successfully, you need to have faith in yourself and others. Insanity, not beauty, is in the eyes of the … Sigue leyendo Reflection

Don’t go (black out poetry from Carlos Fuentes’ Aura by Burley)

Fuentes, Carlos.  “Pages 74-75.”  Aura.  Trans. Lysander Kemp.  New York :  Farrar, Strauss and Giroux, 1965.  Print. You talk alone forgetting the beauty of your aura.     The more you think, the more you desire   You feel innocent. Don’t go.     You can’t bear another day.   You force yourself to fall asleep. … Sigue leyendo Don’t go (black out poetry from Carlos Fuentes’ Aura by Burley)