A TV series in my childhood

Today I want to talk about one of my favorite film and television works from my childhood, the name of this TV series is Ultraman Tiga. You've probably never heard of it, but it's normal, since it's a Japanese drama that aired in 1996. But that doesn't stop me from liking this TV series and … Sigue leyendo A TV series in my childhood

Estoy agradecida por…

Un lugar bonito donde vivo es Connecticut porque tiene follaje de otoño. A beautiful place where I live is Connecticut because it has fall foliage.  Something I want to share with others about where I live is that Gilmore Girls was set here. Algo que quiero compartir con otros sobre donde vivo es que Gilmore … Sigue leyendo Estoy agradecida por…

Regalo al mundo el pijama

I wish for the world a dress code of pajamas because they are comfortable and effortless. Deseo al mundo un código de vestirse de pijamas porque son cómodos I would like to give the world  more ways of traveling  because  of the freedom Me gustaría regalarle al mundo más formas viajar porque ofrece a uno … Sigue leyendo Regalo al mundo el pijama

The world fulfilled/El mundo logrado

I wish for the world to be a safer place because kids should feel safe. Deseo que el mundo sea más seguro porque la gente debe sentirse segura. I would like to give the world more food because people should not have to starve. Me gustaría regalarle al mundo más comida porque la gente no … Sigue leyendo The world fulfilled/El mundo logrado


Deseo amabilidad al mundo porque todos necesitamos tratarnos unos a otros con un poco más de humanidad. I wish for kindness in the world because we all need to treat each other with a little more humanity. Me gustaría regalarle al mundo música porque me hace feliz y me ayuda encontrar el consuelo. I would … Sigue leyendo Consuelo/Comfort

The End is Near/ El Final Está Cerca

I used to think that I was empathetic, but I may be the opposite. George Floyd's murder triggered America's current unrest, but only because it was the last straw. And yet, I have trouble feeling any of that. What's wrong with me? I understand what happened and I'm angry. At the same time, I don't … Sigue leyendo The End is Near/ El Final Está Cerca