Hombre con la manzana

https://www.madisonartshop.com/20-most-famous-paintings-of-all-time.html I picked this image because I thought the man looked very interesting because he is just standing there. It was pretty difficult to get the apple to stay in place so I just used my hand. No tuve un trenchcoat, pero tenía una remera negra. Dibujé un gorro y una corbata. Gracias a mi … Sigue leyendo Hombre con la manzana

La Joven de la Perla/The Girl with A Pearl Earring

Gabriela Hill https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Girl_with_a_Pearl_Earring Yo/Me I chose this piece of art because it brings interest to a lot of people. The painting is of an imaginary girl that Johannes Vermeer, the artist, made up. The time of when it was painted is unknown. I recreated it by putting on the biggest pearl earrings I have and … Sigue leyendo La Joven de la Perla/The Girl with A Pearl Earring

Still Life y Adios

Original https://images.saatchiart.com/saatchi/1441385/art/7985089/7052471-HSC00002-7.jpg I chose this piece because it's very simple but it can portray so many meanings, for example, simplicity is beauty or stillness is strength. I recreated this by using the accessible resources around me such as my dining table, red apples, and a plate. / Yo elegí esta obra porque es muy simple … Sigue leyendo Still Life y Adios

Confianza inteligente / Smart Confidence

Vanity by John William Waterhouse -- https://www.john-william-waterhouse.com/vanity/ Instead of displaying vanity in terms of beauty, I chose to recreate an individual vain because of her intellect. To do this, I replaced the flower in the woman's hair with a pen and the corresponding flowers behind the figure with books. I also positioned the mirror so … Sigue leyendo Confianza inteligente / Smart Confidence

La Temporada de Gratitud // The season of Gratitude

I am thankful for both of my parents who have both taken time out of their busy days throughout the last few months so that I get driving practice in. During the many hours that we have driven, they always stay calm and kind to me which allows me to drive better. Their insistence on … Sigue leyendo La Temporada de Gratitud // The season of Gratitude

«El Conejito» or (The Bunny)

Español: Mi mamá tomó una foto de mi perro, "Zeus", mientras miraba una escultura del conejo de Pascua Mi perro tenía dos años y quería un nuevo "amigo" Esto es especial, porque hoy es Pascua y mi perro es muy lindo Inglés: My mom took a picture of my dog, "Zeus", looking at the sculpture … Sigue leyendo «El Conejito» or (The Bunny)

La Esperanza de una Mariposa /Butterfly Hope

En la vida de una mariposa ellas pasan por un punto que parece oscuro durante el tiempo, cuando entran en un capullo. Esto lleva al punto más brillante de sus vidas cuando renacen como una mariposa. Este momento está ocurriendo en la vida ahora mismo y puede llevar a algunas cosas buenas. In a butterfly’s … Sigue leyendo La Esperanza de una Mariposa /Butterfly Hope