Bringing About Change /Cómo Cambiar el mundo

I wish for the world joy because there’s too much sadness in this world Deseo al mundo júbilo porque allí demasiado tristeza I would like to give the world peace because there’s too much injustice and war Me gustaría regalarle al mundo tranquilidad porque hay demasiada injusticia y guerra. I want to offer the world … Sigue leyendo Bringing About Change /Cómo Cambiar el mundo

Cambiar al Mundo

I wish for the world to be open-minded because everyone deserves to be heard. Deseo que el mundo tenga la mente abierta porque todos merecen ser escuchados. I would like to give the world art because creativity should be shared. Me gustaría dar arte al mundo porque la creatividad debe ser compartida. I want to … Sigue leyendo Cambiar al Mundo

What is considered art ?

¿QUÉ SE CONSIDERA ARTE ? Art is found all around you and within you, for example, the house you grew up in and the art of architecture, your favorite flowers, and the art of a world that exists to provide life, a baby, and the art of the human body with the ability to procreate. … Sigue leyendo What is considered art ?

fiber art: crochet

art in different styles There are many different ways you can express art. One form of art I would like to talk about is fiber art. Within fiber art itself there are many different styles. One of the fiber art styles I'm going to focus on today is fiber art in crochet. Crochet has been … Sigue leyendo fiber art: crochet

Musical fluency

"Frank Ocean, Berlin 2", 2015 - Wolfgang Tilmans The definition of art What is art? Well, it can be just about anything. Art should not be something that can be defined by a simple sentence. Art is the creative expression of ideas, feelings, emotions, with a goal to evoke a response out of the viewer … Sigue leyendo Musical fluency


Feminine Fashion of the Past Fashion is one of the many forms of art that brings people together, even through different generations. The generations that stand out to me the most are definitely the 70s and the early 2000s. Both of these decades produced some of the most long lasting patterns and prints that are … Sigue leyendo FASHION IS REBORN

Recrear el arte en la casa/Recreate art at home!

Aunque la obra original es un poco triste, todavía quise tomar una foto con mi papá! Even though the original painting is a bit sad, I still wanted to take a photo with my dad!

Mi Reconstrucción de «Still Life with Books and Candle» / My Re-creation of «Still Life with Books and Candle»

Recreé el cuadro, "Still Life with Books and Candle", por Henri Matisse. Reemplecé la vela por una lámpara de escritorio con un reloj para significar la falta de la concepción del tiempo durante la pandemia COVID-19. Recreé este cuadro porque mis tareas y estudios me consumían a mí durante el año pasado. I re-created the … Sigue leyendo Mi Reconstrucción de «Still Life with Books and Candle» / My Re-creation of «Still Life with Books and Candle»

My wishes for the World:

Hay bondad en el mundo, hasta cuando es difícil encontrarla./There is still good in the world, even if sometimes it seems small. Yo espero que el mundo llegue a ser más cariñoso./I hope the world can become more loving. Finalmente, yo espero que más personas estén saludables durante la pandemia./Finally, I hope everyone is healthy … Sigue leyendo My wishes for the World: