Study Abroad a Life Changing Event

I think nobody is willing to talk about COVID-19, which is a sad story for everyone for sure. Though, I am not going to talk about after COVID life, I will share about the life before COVID. Back 2016, I was a 16 years old innocent kid, after I just graduated from middle school, my … Sigue leyendo Study Abroad a Life Changing Event

My Tre Amores

English was my first love. To me, no greater of a comfort existed than  The familiar syntax of my mother tongue.  The rise and fall of a plot chart. The superfluous vocabulary; gaudy and outrageous. Something to be shown off, as a child does his shiny, new nickel. A writer’s creed is her words. Furthermore, … Sigue leyendo My Tre Amores

León, México

Esta fotografía fue tomada afuera de “Chedraui” en León, Mexico. Cuando veo esta foto me acuerdo de la libertad que todas las personas tenían. De la humildad de cada persona. Me acuerdo que al momento de tomar esta foto mi familia y yo íbamos saliendo de la tienda cuando yo y mi hermana corrimos a … Sigue leyendo León, México

Summer Love in Spanish…my identity

Nacho at 16 years old in 1987, Spain I slapped him.  Hard.  We were standing on a beach in Alicante, Spain and he stared incredulously at me, stammering something I didn’t understand.  As I recovered from my own brazen act and he continued to beseech me to listen, I remained speechless.  In all honesty, I … Sigue leyendo Summer Love in Spanish…my identity