Ode to Cell Phone / Oda al Teléfono Celular

English O mighty cellphone How you occupy my time With all your gadgets and apps Your grand screen illuminates my life Upon your smooth, glossy touch screen I have everything I need From instant messages and a camera And everything in between   I pray to thee, noble cell phone For making it look like … Sigue leyendo Ode to Cell Phone / Oda al Teléfono Celular

Carta de literatura

Estimado Sr. Garvin, Síntomas de ser humano... Sentirá emociones que no sabe cómo explicar o por qué las siente, pero son válidasPuede que piense que se está mintiendo a sí misma y los que te rodean; lo resolverásNo sabrás quién eres. Ser adolescente puede ser realmente difícil, no sé qué escribir sobre este libro porque … Sigue leyendo Carta de literatura

Letter About Literature

Dear Laura Ingalls Wilder, I don’t entirely remember how my family came across your stories, but I do know that they had a large impact on my childhood. From about the time I was in first grade, my parents and I would read the books before bed and it didn’t take us very long to … Sigue leyendo Letter About Literature

Letters About Literature: to John Green

Dear John Green, The weight of schoolwork and forced reading for school has removed the ability to read for pleasure from the lives of virtually every student, including myself. My friends and I can all recount the times of our youth when we could all easily pick up a book and read cover to cover, … Sigue leyendo Letters About Literature: to John Green

Letters About Literature

Dear Danielle Paige, Reading for me has always been a constant struggle. My hyperactive mind could never settle down and focus enough to let me enjoy the stories. I was never able to explore the “different worlds” that people talk about being transported to while reading books. No book truly got a hold of my … Sigue leyendo Letters About Literature

Letter of Literature/Carta de Literatura by Alex Brita

Dear Anonymous Poet, When I first read your epic poem Beowulf, I thought it was another cliché action story about a hero saving the day and sacrificing himself for the greater good of mankind. Beowulf was, to me, very ordinary, and bland. I hated reading it since I already knew what the ending of the … Sigue leyendo Letter of Literature/Carta de Literatura by Alex Brita