Soy del helado "maple creamees" que comía cuando visitaba a mis abuelos casa cerca del lago./ I am from maple creamees when I visited my grandparents at their lake house. Soy de Paintball/I am from paintball. Soy de "Phineas and Ferb"/I am from Phineas and Ferb.

Memory blog

By: Connor Ouellette I am from movie nights with my dad who would (and still does) make his famous recipe for popcorn. It was the best. Soy de las famosas palomitas de maíz que mi papá nos preparó cuando era pequeño. I am from my mom's famous homemade chicken tenders and fries that were always … Sigue leyendo Memory blog

Mi Familia/My Family por/by Ava Boothroyd

Yo he pasado mucho tiempo con mi familia. Amo a mi familia. Todos trabajamos durante el día. Pasamos tiempo con la familia por la noche. I spend a lot of time with my family. I love my family. We do work during the day. We spend time with the family at night.