Por lo que estoy agradecida/What I am grateful for…

Spanish: Quiero agradecer a mi hermana por estar siempre a mi lado. English: I want to thank my sister for always standing by my side. Spanish: Agradezco a mis padres por apoyarme con todo. English: I thank my parents for always supporting me with everything. Spanish: Doy gracias a mi perro por hacerme feliz. English: … Sigue leyendo Por lo que estoy agradecida/What I am grateful for…

The Final Post

I've discovered that censorship has become the new normal. I've found that friendship is underrated. Insanity has been proven to be nothing but a label. I learned that it is only your imagination that can limit you, and finally that loyalty is invaluable. (photo by Amy Nocton)

The Final Post

This year I learned that censorship provides security at the cost of knowledge. I learned that friendship has the potential to unite people and change their lives forever. I learned that superiority and power is dangerous when it is in the hands of a person who abuses it. I learned that love, when it is … Sigue leyendo The Final Post


This year, I learned that obsession grows from love or fascination, but has the power to destroy the soul and the spirit. I learned that loyalty is a rare gift, and when it is given to you, you should do everything in your power to keep it. I learned that madness in not always a … Sigue leyendo Reflection