A Starry Wardrobe/ La guardarropa estrellada

- Abryana Matos The Starry Night - Vincent Van Gogh (Link: https://tattooartfromtheheart.com/tattoo-history/starry-night-master-piece-painting-in-the-tattoo-culture/ ) The Starry Wardrobe (La guardarropa estrellada) - Abryana Matos I chose to recreate Vincent Van Gogh's landscape painting of The Starry Night, because it is a very popular painting that everyone knows. I recreated the painting using my some items from my … Sigue leyendo A Starry Wardrobe/ La guardarropa estrellada

La Noche Estrellada/The Starry Night

La Noche Estrellada es una pintura muy famousa de Vincent Van Gogh. Yo re-imaginé esta pintura lo mejor podría. Me divierto el cielo nocturno. /The Starry Night is a very famous painting by Vincent Van Gogh. I re-imagined this painting the best I could. I enjoy the night sky. The original