The End is Near/ El Final Está Cerca

I used to think that I was empathetic, but I may be the opposite. George Floyd's murder triggered America's current unrest, but only because it was the last straw. And yet, I have trouble feeling any of that. What's wrong with me? I understand what happened and I'm angry. At the same time, I don't … Sigue leyendo The End is Near/ El Final Está Cerca

To the Bone (Español)

Querida Marti Noxon, Mi apariencia siempre ha sido algo sobre lo que fui cauteloso . Especialmente cuando aquellos que creía que eran mis amigos comentaban sobre mi peso, convirtiendo el agujero oscuro que ya se había estado formando en un agujero negro supermasivo que me consumía de adentro hacia afuera. Nunca fui la persona más … Sigue leyendo To the Bone (Español)

To the Bone (English Version)

Dear Marti Noxon, My appearance has always been something I was self-cautious about. Especially when those who I thought were my friends would comment on my weight, turning the dark hole that had already been forming into a supermassive black hole consuming me from the inside out. I was never the most gorgeous person on … Sigue leyendo To the Bone (English Version)