Ultimo Post del Blog/Last Blog Post

I chose this piece of art because I thought it would be funny to have my dog in it. I recreated this by taking a picture of my dog, adding the yellow shirt and the blue hair wrap. This entry will be my last entry of the year. I want to thank all of my … Sigue leyendo Ultimo Post del Blog/Last Blog Post

Arte de perro (puppy art)

I thought this image was really funny and cute. It reminded me of my puppy and when she's always trying to sneak food off the table. Mi perro tiene mucha energía y siempre está mirando la comida, esta foto sería muy fácil de capturar. ¡Adiós! Quiero decir gracias a mis profesores por mi educación, yo … Sigue leyendo Arte de perro (puppy art)