Humans: Beauty and the Beasts

Going into this project I knew immediately I wanted to expose the “beast” side to humans. These past few years dealing with Covid-19 have really shown some horrible aspects of humans. From the police brutality, protests turned to riots, the capitol being stormed, and many other horrible events transpiring. It truly shocked me to my … Sigue leyendo Humans: Beauty and the Beasts

La Libertad y La Opresión

La libertad es poder ser quien eres y tener derechos a los recursos que necesitas para vivir bien. En sociedades libres, la gente no es juzgada por su género, su sexualidad, el color de su piel, sus intereses, o sus creencias. En cambio, cada persona está libre de vivir su propia vida. También, durante su … Sigue leyendo La Libertad y La Opresión

Derechos Humanos/Human Rights

 Los derechos humanos son reglas básicas que las personas deben siempre tener. No importa el color o el sexo de una persona, porque hay algunas cosas que todas personas deben tener la capacidad a hacen. Pero muchas personas experimentan la discriminación, que es muy triste y necesita cambiar porque esta una sociedad inteligente están debe … Sigue leyendo Derechos Humanos/Human Rights

Don’t Take Anything For Granted | No Des Nada Por Sentado

October 5, 2019 What I have learned: -During this pandemic I’ve learned that although I don’t really like to go out it is nice to do so once in a while. I realize that I took life for granted before. -I’ve learned that online school isn’t easy at all and it is very hard to … Sigue leyendo Don’t Take Anything For Granted | No Des Nada Por Sentado

Richie Final Blog post

What I have learned: -I have learned that I love being outside -I learned how caring and committed my teachers are -I once again learned how polarized and divided our country is when it comes to obvious injustices -As a whole people seem to focus on news for a week, then move on to the … Sigue leyendo Richie Final Blog post

Los árboles de Min An

Seguimos destruyendo lo que más necesitamos

Cosas que traería con mi

Cosas que traería con mi si tuviera que salir de mi casa Things that I would bring with me (if i had to leave my home)

Una Foto/A Photo: La independencia/Independence

An Ode to School by Teagan Fransen

An Ode to School   Ripped from sleep while the night still lingers in the air and chased down the driveway Lost time chases you, as darkness is chased by the sun, into the grasp of the rusted doors Their squeak sends shivers down your spine as you march into the impending doom Your seat … Sigue leyendo An Ode to School by Teagan Fransen