Getty Art Challenge: Smiling Dog/Un perro sonriente For recreating this piece, there was no set up, rather it was in the moment. My family and I were eating dinner last night when my dad started to pet our dog, Bailey, and I got this picture. There was no real reason why I chose to recreate this painting. Instead of finding a … Sigue leyendo Getty Art Challenge: Smiling Dog/Un perro sonriente

fashion art (blog post)/arte de la moda

I chose this piece of art work because I loved all of the bright colors and the collage-like look to it. I recreated it by using scrap paper from magazines and construction paper. I found all different shades of yellow and layered them to give the same effect, and cut out a random persons face … Sigue leyendo fashion art (blog post)/arte de la moda

Recrear «Starry night»/ Recreating «Starry Night»

I chose to recreate the "Starry Night" painting by Van Gogh. I used clothes to recreate the image. Yo recreé el "Starry Night" por Van Gogh. Yo usé ropas a recrear el imagen. Esta entrada será mi última entrada este año. Quiero gracias mi maestra por enseñarme español.

My Tre Amores

English was my first love. To me, no greater of a comfort existed than  The familiar syntax of my mother tongue.  The rise and fall of a plot chart. The superfluous vocabulary; gaudy and outrageous. Something to be shown off, as a child does his shiny, new nickel. A writer’s creed is her words. Furthermore, … Sigue leyendo My Tre Amores

What is considered art ?

¿QUÉ SE CONSIDERA ARTE ? Art is found all around you and within you, for example, the house you grew up in and the art of architecture, your favorite flowers, and the art of a world that exists to provide life, a baby, and the art of the human body with the ability to procreate. … Sigue leyendo What is considered art ?

Air Pollution/La Contaminación del Aire

Resources:,and%20walls%20of%20its%20habitat. Air pollution has been a big factor in a lot of the world’s problems. Ever since the Industrial Revolution in 1760, air quality has been on a decline. Air pollution from factories began affecting species abilities to survive. Peppered moths developed an adaptation towards the darkening trees so that they could hide … Sigue leyendo Air Pollution/La Contaminación del Aire

Salvar las Jirafas!

Me encantan las jirafas y quiero protegerlas. Las jirafas son animales vulnerables en el ambiente porque el hábitat y los recursos suyos desaparecen. Para qué proteger las jirafas, voy a apoyar una agricultura más sostenible y proteger el hábitat de jirafas.  I love giraffes and want to protect them. Giraffes are vulnerable animals in the … Sigue leyendo Salvar las Jirafas!

Gracias por…

Estoy agradecida por mi prima. Le estoy agradecida porque siempre me escucha. Estoy agradecida por mi maestra de cuarto grado, Señora Piatek, porque siempre hacía sonreír a todos. Mi maestra también hizo que la lectura fuera divertida y me ayudó a darme cuenta de lo mucho que me encanta leer. Estoy agradecida por mis amigos … Sigue leyendo Gracias por…