My Stick y Mi Palo

                                                                     My stick Dear stick I love you You are sturdy and strong You never do me wrong Banging you against the post Is one of the things that grounds me most You're always wrapped by someone I love You're only overshadowed by the speed of my glove Hearts and flowers cover your back I … Sigue leyendo My Stick y Mi Palo

Decline in Frequency of Adolescent Sports

In recent years, the frequency of exercise among teenagers has been declining. More and more students are no longer actively engaged in sports activities. It can be seen from the people around us that when it is time for free activities, many students choose to sit in the classroom. People of my parents' generation say … Sigue leyendo Decline in Frequency of Adolescent Sports

Mis Objetos de Valor My Valuables

Llevaría este libro porque me ayudaría a aprender y estar mejor por dondequiera vaya. I would bring this book because it would help me learn and be better where I go. Llevaria audifonos para escuchar música y podcasts. Esto me ayudaría a estar más feliz. I would bring earbuds to listen to music and podcasts. … Sigue leyendo Mis Objetos de Valor My Valuables

Mi hermoso gimnasio

Un lugar bonito donde vivo es mi gimnasio porque las personas allí son solidarias y trabajadoras A beautiful place where I live is my gym because the people are supportive and hardworking. Something I want to share with others about where I live is that we all push each other to be successful. Algo que … Sigue leyendo Mi hermoso gimnasio

For the world/por el mundo

I wish for peace for the world because the world can be a dark and cruel place. Deseo al mundo paz porque el mundo puede ser un lugar oscuro y cruel. I would like to give the world family because family is a crucial part to being happy. Me gustaría regalarle al mundo familia porque … Sigue leyendo For the world/por el mundo

Mis Influencias

I want to thank my mom for teaching me kindness. Quiero agradecerle a mi mamá por enseñarme amabilidad. I want to give thanks to my friend, Garrison, for being funny. Quiero darle gracias a mi amigo, Garrison, por ser divertido. I thank Mr.Harlow for being kind. Agradezco a Sr. Harlow por ser amable. I am … Sigue leyendo Mis Influencias

Baseball at uconn

Un lugar bonito donde vivo es Storrs  porque la universidad de Connecticut  A beautiful place where I live is storrs because_of the university of connecticut Something I want to share with others about where I live is the college campus  because it is a unique experience  Algo que quiero compartir con otros sobre donde vivo … Sigue leyendo Baseball at uconn

Soy DeL Programa …../I am From the TV show

I am from watching the show Spongebob with my brother. I am from eating mac and cheese with my family. I am from watching sports with my dad and brother. Soy del programa Bob esponja que miraba con mi hermano y nos hacía reír. Soy del queso y macarrones que comía con mí familia. Soy … Sigue leyendo Soy DeL Programa …../I am From the TV show

SOy De… /I am From

When my papa took me to get cheese and ice cream in Canada.  Soy de salir a comer queso y helado con mi abuelo cuando fuimos a Canada para ver donde creció cuando yo era pequeña.  When my sister and I would play in the pool as dolphins or mermaids.  Soy de fingir a ser … Sigue leyendo SOy De… /I am From