Getty Art Challenge and Goodbye

I chose this piece because it is very popular and I knew there were many different ways I could recreate it. I recreated the picture the way I did because I thought it would be nice to put a funny twist on such a serious piece of artwork.  Elegí esta pieza porque sé que es … Sigue leyendo Getty Art Challenge and Goodbye

My most treasured things/Mis cosas más atesoradas

All of the cards I have saved/Todas las tarjetas que he guardado I would bring with me all of my saved cards because they remind me of how much I am loved and that no matter what bad things happen to me, I will always have my family and friends Yo traería conmigo son las … Sigue leyendo My most treasured things/Mis cosas más atesoradas

Mis Cosas Mas Atesoradas

My most treasured things are, the stuffed animal bear I’ve had since I was little, the necklace my grandmother gave me, and photos of my loved ones.  Mis cosas más atesoradas son, el oso de peluche que he tenido desde que era pequeña, el collar que me regaló mi abuela y las fotos de mis … Sigue leyendo Mis Cosas Mas Atesoradas

Recreation of «Mother and Child»

This is a painting by Pablo Picasso made in 1902. I used stuffed animals for my art recreation because I have a large panda bear. It is in black and white to show despair. Esta es una pintura de Pablo Picasso de 1902. Yo usé peluches para mi recreación artística porque tengo un gran oso … Sigue leyendo Recreation of «Mother and Child»