The Final Post

This year I learned that censorship provides security at the cost of knowledge. I learned that friendship has the potential to unite people and change their lives forever. I learned that superiority and power is dangerous when it is in the hands of a person who abuses it. I learned that love, when it is … Sigue leyendo The Final Post

Superiority and The United States of America

The United States and other developed countries are superior nations to the rest of the world. Superiority is defined as having an advantage or dominance over others. Clearly, money and freedom allow developed countries to be superior. Americans have access to education that gives them employment. Employment gives citizens money to pay for necessities and … Sigue leyendo Superiority and The United States of America

A photo: Superiority

Superiority is the state of being superior and to be superior is to be higher in rank, status, or quality. My friend here, was hopeless. There was nothing for him to do, we were above him in so many ways. We had overpowered him. We made an innocent boy our helpless victim. There was nothing … Sigue leyendo A photo: Superiority


      Superiority is when someone dominates another person. Having superiority means having greater importance and to have a high rank. There are many different situations in which superiority is seen. In one situation, the law affects people. The police in their work have the authority to give tickets and capture criminals. There is … Sigue leyendo Superiority