Literary Letter to the Onion By Diego

Dear The Onion I have never really liked to read. There have always been more fun things to do like play video games, go outside to play sports or hang out with friends. But I have always been interested in politics and the things that happen on a daily basis. Due to that I enjoy … Sigue leyendo Literary Letter to the Onion By Diego

Satire Defined

From the ancient Greeks and Egyptians, to modern day, satire has been vital in the lives of comedians, politicians and authors, and society in general. Satire can be a noble art, to stop corruption and make society aware of the world's problems and issues. On the other hand, satire can be fun and entertaining. The professional … Sigue leyendo Satire Defined

Sátira Definida

De los antiguos griegos y egipcios, al tiempo moderno, la sátira ha sido muy importante para los comediantes, los autores, los políticos, y la sociedad en general. La sátira puede ser un trabajo noble, para parar la corrupción y hacer la sociedad consciente a los problemas del mundo. También, la sátira puede ser absurdo y divertido. La vida profesional … Sigue leyendo Sátira Definida