Jugar el adentro Play inside

Durante esta pandemia, nosotros tenemos quedarnos activos. Éste es el tiempo para ser mejor que antes. Yo tengo la certeza que todos van a quedarse ocupados y que todos se van a cuidar. During this pandemic, we have to stay active. This is a time to be better than we were before. I have faith … Sigue leyendo Jugar el adentro Play inside

Una Oda a Kylie/ An Oda to Kylie

English: When I see you you make me smile every time. Like a sunflower blooming Your favorite person in the whole world It's like you make me happy when we are together I get really bored when we're not together That's why I'm writing this to you because your my favorite I really hope this … Sigue leyendo Una Oda a Kylie/ An Oda to Kylie