An Ode to New Orleans/Oda a Nueva Orleans

Ode to New Orleans What a picturesque scene to see Where life comes alive at night Flickering lights against the cool black sky People filling the streets as the clock inches forward The sunset awakes the night and with it comes the flood of voices People are drunk on life and laughter and the music … Sigue leyendo An Ode to New Orleans/Oda a Nueva Orleans

How does travel change me?

27 February 2023 Travel implies a change, not just announcing to others that I have been somewhere. People's temperaments and perspectives are changed by travel. You will observe that different individuals have various habits while traveling and come to the realization that not everyone lives in the same manner as you. Your thinking widens as … Sigue leyendo How does travel change me?

The Impact of Travel

Nature has been one of the most present and constant things in my life since as long as I can remember. Living in the city my mom has always tried to expose my sister and I to a lot of different scenery, whether that was the Blue hills which is about 15 minutes from my … Sigue leyendo The Impact of Travel


I believe that when everyone has a long vacation, the first pastime that comes to mind is to go on a trip. Traveling can not only ease my stress on study, but also let me temporarily put down all my troubles, leave those annoying problems behind for a while, and let me feel relaxed wholeheartedly. … Sigue leyendo Travel

Something Special/Algo Especial

Un lugar bonito donde vivo es Lambert Lake porque está en la frontera entre mi casa en los Estados Unidos, y la casa de mi padre en Canadá. A beautiful place where I live (for parts of the year in Maine) is Lambert Lake because it borders my home country America, and my dad's home … Sigue leyendo Something Special/Algo Especial

soy de…/I am from…

Photo by Nicole Michalou on Soy de las galletas de crema de maní con un beso de chocolate Hershey que mi abuela y mamá me preparaban cuando era pequeño. Soy de viajar a Texas en coche con mi familia cuando era pequeña. Soy de un parque cerca de mi casa llamado Sunny Acres que … Sigue leyendo soy de…/I am from…