Deseo al mundo paz para que las naciones se ayuden unos a otros. I wish for peace so nations can help each other. Me gustaría regalarle al mundo mucha comida para que la gente no tenga hambre. I would like to give food so people don't go hungry. Quiero ofrecer agua al mundo para que … Sigue leyendo Illuminado

What I wish for the world/ Lo que deseo para el mundo

What I wish for the world is happiness, this word has been missing this past year. Lots of crazy events has been occurring and none seem to be happy, fun, thrilling etc. I wish that all of us in the world would simply get along and join together as one in order to restore our … Sigue leyendo What I wish for the world/ Lo que deseo para el mundo

Alegría, Regocijo y la Risa en la Nieve

Happiness, Joy and Laughter in the Snow Mi deseo para todos es la alegría, regocijo y la risa! My wish for everyone is happiness, joy and laughter!

Acércate…/Come closer…

Acércate, cariño, te quiero susurrar al oído mis deseos... Come closer, my dear, I want to whisper all of my wishes in your ear...